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The Best Composting Worms Avaiable

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Worm WigWam

THE WORM WIGWAM, You will be amazed at how quickly and efficiently the Worm Wigwam converts your kitchen, yard, and garden waste to vermicompost. For over 20 years The Worm Wigwam has proven to be an easy, efficient and economic way to convert organic waste to nutrient rich vermicompost. Our flow through worm bin is heated and insulated for year round use and can be conveniently located indoors or outside away from intense sunlight or other extreme weather exposure. The Worm

Worm Tea Brewers

Sustainable gardening is on the rise. There is increasingly more evidence that avoiding manmade chemicals in your garden benefits your health as well as the environment. Amending the soil organically increases the nutrition of your food as well as decreasing water usage and maintaining the safety of our groundwater. Compost and compost tea are key components in the preservation of soil health. SoilSoup compost tea provides superior liquid compost that can be easily brewed in 24 hours. SoilSoup greatly improves the tilth of the soil by infusing it with billions of microbes to help meet the carbon needs of your garden. Why are microbes so important? They form a complex symbiotic relationship with roots Microbes trap nitrogen and make it plant available They convert rocks and clay into plant available fertilizer They make hormones and other chemical agents required for growth They degrade harmful manmade chemicals left in the soil They produce glue like material that improves soil structure and increases water retention. System Includes 1 G. Nutrient Solution, 10 pounds of Worm Castings, 7G bucket, spigot, lid, bubble break, 2nd generation BioBlender w/ heater, & filter. Second generation BioBlender (much quieter and more affordable to maintain) Integrated heater (batch will finish in 24 hours or less every time) The system is now enclosed (no more messes from bubbling over the sides). Bubble break added to the bucket lid Makes 128 Gallons of Tea Cost Per Gallon on initial investment = $1.55 per Gallon Compare this to any Non Organic Products Worm tea Is worm castings which have been soaked in water and oxygenated. The extra oxygen causes a bloom of the good bacteria, plus the added benefit of nitrogen, phosphate, calcium, magnesium and potash. The liquid that drains out of a worm composting bin is leachate. Leachate contains undissolved solids and some potentially harmful bacteria. However, it can be aerated as described below and used. Some of the benefits of the tea include: a natural repellent for scale, mites, white flies, and aphids natural fungicide in soil and on plant surfaces increase in plant stem size and foliage acts as a soil conditioner will not burn plants creates healthy soil for healthy plants aides in the creation of colloidal humus grows healthier fruits and vegetables than those treated with chemical fertilizers improves water retention in soil reduces the amount of waste going to the landfill, because worms eat our garbage How to Make Worm Tea Tea can be purchased from an organic supplier or you can make it yourself. To make your own tea, you will need: 5 gallon bucket , or Soil Soup 7G Bio Bleander System tap water 1/2 Cups of worm castings in a permeable bag, or not 1oz of Soil Soup Nutrients Soil Soup Bio Blender Instructions: fill the bucket 3/4 of the way with tap water insert the Bio Blender and let the water aerate, and Heat for a couple of hours to remove chlorine add castings add Nutrients let bubble for another 24 hours

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Mother Earth Products

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